About Us

We started in Cambridge in 1996 with a small market stall in the centre of this historic university city. The main idea we set out to test was whether people liked browsing jewellery when it was assembled in collections and themes and not, as is traditionally the way, in clusters of ‘types’ and materials. We combined items we especially liked from one supplier with items from a number of other suppliers but with a theme that we thought would match what people would be wearing, whatever was fashionable the time, and of course their skin tones.

We only had the store for a few months but in that short time it was clear that that is how people relate to the kind of jewellery we like - everyday jewellery for everyone. The prices ranged from £5 to £205, nothing out of reach for people buying either for themselves or as presents. It seemed our customers back then could easily relate the image of themselves or how they saw their friends with the combinations we curated together.

Two decades on and that story hasn’t really changed. We have now of course grown into a small chain of retail shops covering two of the main counties of the UK and we’ll continue to grow as time goes on. We’ve added gifts and cards to our range, picked to match the occasion and tastes of those who delight in visiting us. The gift wrap service is free and remains as the final personal touch to the gift people want to give.

Our website is simply an extension of the philosophy that started as a modest market stall. We hope you enjoy browsing as much as our tens of thousands of customers have over the past years. We’re confident you’ll find something special, who ever it may be for.